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Friday, February 26, 2016

English Theatre - Berlin


Last night Lulu took me to a theatre. She told me a play would be in English and be funny. The play was Nipple Jesus written by Nick Hornby. I did like a movie Fever Pitch written by him so I thought I would like the play.

We caught the M10 Tram from our place to the U8 Train. At the intersection of the two was a Subway Sandwich Shop. So we had a nice supper. Subway made your sandwich just like America - except when you went to pay you slipped your Euros in a slot and the machine gave you change - no handing money over to the person making the sandwich. I imagine that is very healthy.

After supper - we took the U8 train to the theatre. It is in an industrial area. The theatre only sat 70 people. We paid 15$ per seat - sit where you want. The place was full - we took seats in the second row - middle.

At about 8:10 the play started - it was one guy pretending he was a guard at an art museum. He was in charge of guarding a picture of Christ on the cross made up of small mosaic pictures of breast nipples. It was very funny - Lulu thought it was hilarious. But to be fair - as she led the crowd to a standing ovation - she had a big glass of wine in the lobby as we waited for the doors to open.

At 9:10 - the play was over - we beat the crowd of 70 to the train station and were home around 10 PM.

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