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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Berlin - Saturday Shopping in West Berlin

An old working pump
Saturday we got up at a more normal 9 AM. We had a nice breakfast at our new home. 

Lulu wanted to take me to a ritzy area of town for shopping. She had been here before during her travels. A train ride took us south and west to Ka We De - a big fancy department store. Surely they would have "American Style" flat sheets and they did. We did not buy any because they wanted 30 euros for a full sheet and 60 euros for a king sheet. 

Ka De We also had some really nice foods. There is a fancy cafeteria on the top floor under glass. So up we went - for lunch. 

We bought 2 SIM chips for our iPhones. Simply - your purchase service month to month - no long term contracts. For 25 euros each - we purchased a chip that provides 200 text - 200 calls - and unlimited internet. Lulu and I can call each other for free. It is not the phone calls we wanted as much as being able to use all our other iPhone programs - and surf the net. So of r50 euros a month - we both have full iPhone service. I think we pay about $150 for ATT service back home. 

I planned to buy a hat - we did not need one today. Sunny - 40s - no wind - dry.

Mozart Candy 

Strawberry Cakes 
Soft pretzels on the roof
What is left of the
Kaiser Wilhelm Cathedral

Mercedes Berlin
Ka De We shopping - very fancy - not my style
Vespa Truck - free candy by U-Station 
The whole church was maybe
10 times as big - but gone.

Easter Candy

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