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Monday, February 15, 2016

Berlin - Monday on Museum Island

Overcast Monday over the Berlin Cathedral
We are all set to tour like residents. Today we spent time on Museum Island. Right in the middle of downtown is this enclave of Museums. Thanks to my son buying us a yearly pass - we can tour all the museums at our own pace. Now we have a museum pass - a bus/train/tram pass - SIM chips for our phones. 

The first 4 days - we were spoiled by the sunny and high 40s weather. Today and yesterday we had dark dingy skies and temps just reaching 41. The way people talk - even this is good for this time of the year. We see people dining and drinking outside. 

After getting our museum passes with our pictures on - and seeing more antiquities about Jordan - Syria - Turkey - than we wished  - we settled in for a great supper at Hofbrau House. Lulu and I are not big beer fans. We seldom have two. But give us a Hofbrau wheat beer - and the sky is the limit. We each had 2 half liter glasses - that's right - about a quart each. I guess you could say I am drunk typing. After a short tram ride - while following along on our iPhone maps - to make sure we do not miss our stop - we got home at the late hour of 7:30 PM. 

This bike has an enclosed passenger seat

Another cool electric.
Fiberglass trailer can be pulled by tiny car.
This band was playing at the  flea market

I love these Citroen food trucks.

What a great camper this would make. 
Lulu with a Tata - a special type of waffle
This was a Jewish neighborhood before th wear

Old round apartment and
cool camper.

Old Mercedes hearse

Back of hearse

Metals Gate form Turkey - 700 BC

I wonder where Nazis found the swastika.
Ishtar Gate from Turkey
Restoring the Ishtar Wall
God of Weather from Middle East
More museums on Museum Island in Berlin

We have a yearly pass to all these museums

Special spots of electric cars on Museum Island

Museum Island
Dark skies at 4 PM
There is a film festival in town right now.
My favorite - supper at Hofbrau House
It is so nice having the prettiest girls wherever I go.
Meat - potatoes - beer - a coal regions supper.

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