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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Grandpa Being Run Ragged in Hawaii

Everhart 8 with Cornwall flag of Lulu's
 great grandfather - Keith got it for her

We are enjoying a wonderful family vacation in Waikiki. The weather has been fantastic - 70s and 80s - the water temperature in January averages 76. Since we are closer to the equator than back home - the sun can really bake you quickly.

Monday - was a busy day. It started out at 8 AM with a walk up Diamond Head Crater. It is an extinct volcano about 761 feet high. You start by driving into the crater - then taking a 3/4 mile trail to the top of the rim. The 8 of us walked up taking about 24 minutes to get to the top. 

After that some of us went to the Bishop Museum. The museum was built over 120 years ago to display Hawaiian heritage. The Bishop Family also funded the world famous Kamehameha School. 

Next - we went to a Luau at the Sea Life Park on the east coast of the island. It is a traditional Hawaii picnic celebration featuring barbecued chicken - pork - and fish. This is followed by a grand dance show - featuring native dances and guests. Guess who ended up on the stage performing?

Finally this morning - some of us went to the USS Arizona Memorial. Simply - the Battleship Arizona was sunk by the Japanese in WWII - it has been let ton the bottom of the harbor for 76 years.  They have built a bridge over it where you can look down into the ship. 1000 sailors died there and their remains are still in the ship. The ship leaks fuel oil to this day creating eerie rainbows in the water. It is a moving experience. 

The next adventure includes a hike up to the Manoa Falls. It is about 3 miles from the street to the tall falls overlooking Honolulu. 

The party is over Thursday. The family flies home on 3 separate planes. Lulu and I will fly to Phoenix  - where we will spend a few days with Dick and Jan Davis.
Family had a birthday here 
Steps hiking Diamond Head
Panorama of Diamond Head Crater
Old fortress on Diamond Head from WWII
Waikiki from Diamond Head
The Kodak Band Shell from Diamond Head
Family on top of Diamond Head - see ocean
We made it - 3/4 miles up  - 24 minutes
Bishop Museum - Hawaii history
Harry on The Duke's surfboard
Keith and Easter Island Statue
Making headbands at Luau
Dancers at Luau
Pig roast at Luau
Hula dancers
Kids dancing
Flowers from Luau - going home
Pop and Grandson at Arizona Memorial
USS Arizona buried in the water - 76 years
Panorama of the USS Arizona 
The USS Arizona Memorial is very solemn
A rainbow over Pearl Harbor
Grandson and USS Arizona
Lulu had a presentation at the Hawaii Hilton

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