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Monday, December 14, 2015

We are Spending Two Nights in Austin TX

Lulu standing in front of the
tower where Charles Whitman
opened fire in 1966
It took us a little over an hour to drive from San Antonio to Austin today. I-35 is a busy highway - lined on both sides by shopping centers - auto dealers - camper sales - and hotels. Along the way you see signs directing you to a lot of small towns with German names. The weather was great - sunny and 75 - but when you were out in the sun - it was really hot. I could not imagine what it is like in the summer when sometimes they have over 50 days in a row reaching 100. 

Lulu got us a Residence Inn Suite - right along the famous nightclub area called Sixth Street. We can walk to the Capitol and the campus of the University of Texas from here. 

The first mass killing in a long list of many in the USA started here on August 1st 1966. Charles Whitman - a former marine and engineering student decided to go up the campus tower and start randomly shooting people. In 95 minutes - he killed 14 people while wounding 42 others. He also killed his wife and mother - to avoid them being embarrassed. 

Charles Whitman - Texas Tower killer
August 1st 1966
A few days later - I entered Kutztown State College
as a freshman. I wanted to be a teacher.

Whitman was the youngest Eagle Scout at the time - getting the award at 12 years and 3 months. He had an IQ of 139. He was eventually shot by a police man - and an autopsy proved the gunman had a brain tumor.

The UT Longhorns play  in this campus stadium
Lulu at the Administration
Building of UT
You can see the State Capitol from the University of Texas
Administration Building
This art was made of aluminum canoes on campus
We visited an electric bike store. The bikes were
well-made but cost between $2500 and $6000. In this one
the batteries are in the frame. It also has a kevlar drive belt.

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