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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Two Electric Cars Meet At The Pump

Two 2012 Nissan Leafs at the free charger at
Kraft Nissan on Mahan Drive in Tallahassee
Wr just got back from a trip grocery shopping at Walmart. On the way there - we drove by the Nissan dealer to look at cars. Sunday is a great time to visit car dealerships because many of them are not open - there are no salesmen to pester you.

We stumbled upon a new free electric filling station. This young couple was filling up their 2012 Nissan Leaf - one just like ours. They are from Monticello which is about 20 miles east of here. They own a pecan farm - and we swapped stories about our electric car adventures. They do not have a 220 volt electric car station in their home - so they charge it on a 110 station which takes much longer.

This station at the Nissan dealership is the 440 volt variety - you can get a full charge in 20 to 30 minutes. Of course it can only do one car at a time. A full charge that would power you almost 100 miles costs about $3.50. So it is a nice fringe benefit of buying a Leaf - free fuel. A full fillup costs the same whether you do it on a 110 volt - 220 volt - or 440 volt charger. It fills much faster here - plus you do not have to pay anything.

I have never charged my car on a fast charger yet - but I would like to try. To get a 440 volt charger on your home would require a special electrical line. The 220 volt line I have is just like a 220 volt line you have for a dryer or an air conditioner.

I did not catch the guy's name - but if he sees the picture he might email his name for the caption.

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