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Saturday, December 12, 2015

TEXAS - Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday

We will visit Davy Crockett's Alamo

It is the end of the year. Lulu needed a few miles to maintain her Gold Medallion status with Delta Airlines. I never thought I would say this - but we are making a trip to Texas just for the mileage. If you hold an airline gold card - they give you a lot of perks. They upgrade you to first class before everyone else. They let you change your flight schedules without fees - free luggage - boarding early - when you fly you get double miles - special booking number. Simply they kiss your butt because you are loyal to them.

Lulu wanted her gold card very much - she plans to fly a lot this coming year. So she asked the airline - where could we fly that is cheap but also far enough to get the 1000 miles she needed. Up came San Antonio. I never have been to San Antonio or Austin - so here we go. The round trip to Texas is just $200.

We will get to see the Alamo and the University of Texas. The San Antonio River Walk is all decked out for Christmas.

This is the first time in a long time I am going to fly without my laptop. I have purchased a small keyboard that plugs directly into my iPhone. I plan to post pictures and stories onto my blog from the iphone.

Delta's computer must have recognized Lulu's plan - they already updated us to first class tickets to Texas. Imagine that - round trip first class tickets from Florida to Texas for $200. I hope we get bumped.

We leave Tallahassee at 5 AM - go to Atlanta - then Texas - and will be back home on Wednesday late. We are going to be vagabonds. We have booked a rental car - but not have booked hotel rooms. Maybe we should sleep in the car.

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