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Thursday, December 17, 2015

My iPhone With Separate Keyboard Was A Dismal Flop

Normally I travel with my laptop and camera. With those two items I am able to publish my webpage stories. My Sony RX100 Camera produces high quality pictures and video. I can easily take the RAM chip out of the camera and put it in my laptop. It makes for a quick and easy way to take a picture and write a story to go with it in seconds.

I bought a very nice keyboard that plugs into my iPhone. With it I can type stories very easily onto the iPhone - and quickly email them to my web page. But the biggest problem is that I am then limited to pictures that I have taken with the iPhone.  I guess that is the rub - being stuck with phone quality pictures - when you have what in my opinion is the best pocket camera on the market - collecting dust. I ended up taking two pictures of everything - one with the camera - and one with the iPhone. Yuck - yuck - yuck.

After the first day - Lulu said that I should admit defeat and use her laptop. So I did. I will send the little iPhone keyboard back to Amazon.

The keyboard itself works very well. It is easy to type - especially with the little stand I bought for $6 to hold the iPhone. If I just wanted to post text stories - it would be ideal - but in my opinion the best part of the Internet is videos and pictures. The words are there just to set up the visuals.

One other minor problem - the keyboard took up the lightning port - the same port you use to charge the phone. So you could type or charge - you could not type and charge at the same time.

PS - Friday - The keyboard is in the mail on the way back to Amazon.

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