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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve in Tallahassee

Santa at Governors Square Mall
Lulu and I are staying home this year. The kids are up north - we will see them in Hawaii in a week for New Years. All our packages are wrapped and sent.  It is the first time I can remember it being just the two of us for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Maybe next year we will just drive a motor home north for the holidays - who knows where we will be. 

We took a walk over to the mall to see the last minute shoppers. Santa was busy. We had a little Chicken Fila for lunch in the food court - while shoppers cruised by. The mall looks great - it was recently renovated - all new interior surfaces. Lots of new white - gray - and tan tile.  It cost $7 million - that is a lot of tile. 

It is 70 degrees and overcast outside - looks like rain coming. Christmas Day is predicted to be 83 degrees here tomorrow beating our previous high of 80 degrees recorded in 1983. 

Lulu is preparing her grandmother's famous potato filling for dinner tomorrow. It is always so good and feels like home.  A minute after I took this picture below of Lulu cooking - she sliced her index finger. She is good now and I can get back to posting this.

Last night we drove over to the other Tallahassee Mall renovation. It is going to be called The Centre at Tallahassee. A guy is dumping $77 million into it of his own money. It features a 9000 seat concert theatre - with two sides open to the outside. It is a gigantic room - it could have many uses. The seats are portable. They have an ice skating rink there now - it has ice - but it was not open for business.  funny - because all the lights were on. Tallahassee may be the only place in America with two new outside concert venues - and no inside ones. 

The holidays are not complete without driving to Southwood to see the Christmas Decoration. Two years ago - I guy had his house so fancy - it was featured in Good Morning America. This is year it is unrecognizable. Go figure. 

Recently renovated Governors Square Mall - today
Lulu making potato filling
Everhart 8 stockings - fireplace - 9 foot craigslist tree

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