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Friday, November 20, 2015

Up North For the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

Macy's is getting ready for the parade

The truth be told - Lulu is a holiday nut - but she hates spending one without family. When son Keith invited us north to see a basketball tournament in NYC - we were off to the races. We had some FF miles to spend - and now we had a reason to go north. 

We flew from Tallahassee to Charlotte - then Charlotte to Newark - yesterday. A $9 train got us from the airport to Penn Station on 34th St. Our Wyndham Hotel is on 35th Street - just one block north. We got this hotel for free. On Lulu's last trip to Kuwait - she was delayed in Charlotte a night. The hotel had no heat all night - she complained - they comped her points - enough for this room. The rack rate here is $279 - so we are ahead. It reminds me of that guy who 4 years ago said "winning!" - when he hid from the world that he had AIDS. 

I lived in Pennsylvania for 55 years and never went to the Thanksgiving Parade - heck I did not even go to a Mummer's Parade - and that is in Philly. Now - we live in Florida - and we are flying north to freeze at the Big Event. 

As I type - Lulu is in the room observing a librarian teaching in Arkansas. there's a treat -  isn't technology great. Last night she taught a class from here from 8 to 10 - while I watched the FSU girls basketball team beat Tulane back home. I wanted to see who was sitting in our season ticket seats :-)

Today - we will see two basketball games in the Garden with Keith and Liz. Duke - Georgetown - VCU - and someone else - are playing. then Sunday - we will see another game.  I hope it is Duke and Georgetown then - another Everhart Bowl. 

Sunday night - we are taking the train to Washington DC with Keith and Liz - staying with them for 3 days - then back to NYC for the Parade - and finally home on Friday. 

Macy's before the rain started yesterday
Decorating the windows at Macy's. For 10 years - Lulu used to
teach at St Johns University in NYC. She loves shopping here.

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