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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Saturday in NYC - The Play Allegiance - World Trade Center

The new train station at the World Trade Center
We were lucky to have a very nice weather day in New York City yesterday - 50s - 60s - sunny. It started out with a cab ride from our hotel on 52nd St down to the tip of Manhattan to see the World Trade Center. The new building is 1776 feet tall - and they have build a park and museum to memorialize the Sept 11 Attack. 

After that - we shopped for play tickets. I wanted to see the play Allegiance - featuring George Takei.  We were able to get discounted tickets for $80 each - in the 10th row. Then we took the subway back to our hotel. We had lunch at another Irish Pub - then settled in to watch the FSU football game. 

The game ended in time to walk to the Highacre Theatre on 48th St to see the play. 

Today - we will watch Georgetown and Duke play in Madison Square Garden. Our sons and daughters in law went to those schools - and it is the first time they are playing each other in the Garden and NYC. After the game - we will catch the train from Penn Station - right next to the arena - and go to Washington DC. We will spend a few days there - and return here for the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Then home. 
This is the replacement World
Trade Center - 1776 feet tall
Steel beams left over from our trade center

Remnants of World Trade Center
Beams Contract
Damaged fire truck
Great seats for the Allegiance play
On the way home at 11 PM -
I think Lulu wants this tree

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