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Friday, November 13, 2015

My 3 Sons Are Here - Homecoming in Tallahassee

Amy Schumer - Lulu and Keith's seats
Jack and Drew flew from Richmond to Charlotte to Tallahassee. They got here at 5:30. Keith flew from Washington to Jacksonville - and took a rental car here - he got here around 7:30. We had supper together.

Then Keith and Lulu went to the Pow Wow to see Amy Schumer. Drew - Jack - and I first went to the volleyball game where FSU beat Notre Dame 3-0. Then we walked to the soccer game where FSU advanced to the NCAA second round by beating the University of Evanston - 3-0. 

After that we enjoyed the hot tub and had some of Lulu's homemade chocolate pie. 

Weather is in the 60s and no rain. It looks like a perfect day for the homecoming game versus North Carolina State tomorrow at 12:30. You can look for us on TV. 

Lulu landed a wonderful parking space - number 99. We did not buy game tickets yet. Does anyone have 7 seats together in section 33  :-)

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