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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Friday In The Big Apple

One of the neatest things about NYC is all the specialty stores. This one sold nothing but Spandex - I was not even sure what Spandex was.

Thursday night we spent at the Wyndham on 35th St. We had enough points for a free night - ironically we got those points from a free night Lulu spent at Charlotte Airport. The Wyndham is 18 stories tall - each story has only 6 rooms - we were in 1702. It is a tiny hotel by New York standards.

 Stores are busy decorating - this was a construction tunnel in front of Lord and Taylor.

I was startled to see the outside of St Patrick's Cathedral so clean and white. It must have cost millions to clean it up. It used to be so shabby covered with soot.

At 5PM - we had supper with Keith and Liz. Then we went to two basketball games at the Madison Square Garden. Keith had great tickets - Georgetown won the first game - Duke the second. We will see the winners play each other Sunday - then take the train to Washington.

Today - Saturday - we will fill time with shows and shopping. From 1994 to 2004 - Lulu was a professor at St John's University in NYC. She became quite familiar with the city. At the time we used to own a motor home - and she would drive it from Tamaqua to New York City. She would stay in the camper right on campus a couple nights - and then head home for 5 day weekends.

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