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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bus From Washington DC to New York City - Then Watched Them Inflate Balloons For Macy's Parade Tomorrow

Our bus at Dupont Circle in Washington DC
Our day started in Washington DC - when our left Dupont Circle - just a couple of blocks from Keith and Liz's house. We were on our way - for $30 the bus took us non-stop to Time Square in 4 hours flat. The bus had wifi and power outlets - Lulu and I each had a pair of seats to ourselves. On the busiest driving day of the year - we traveled to our Hilton on 6th Avenue - along the Macy's Parade route.

After a small break - Lulu and I lined up for Broadway tickets - we wanted to see Charles III - but most of the tickets were in the balcony - with my vision - not worth much. While on the bus - Lulu picked up a really nice pair of tickets for the Christmas Show at Radio City - tomorrow - after the parade. 

Next we went up to 79th Street to see them inflating the balloons for the parade. It was really crowded but well organized as the crowd moved past the balloons. After that - we had supper at Artie's on Broadway - and then shopped at Trader Joe's for food for the parade . By 7 PM - we were back to the hotel room - getting ready for the parade. 

We will wake up at 7 AM. We brought two little tripod stools all the way from Florida for the parade. We will plot out a spot at 7 AM - the parade is at 9 AM - it lasts 2 hours. I hope my bladder can stand it. I am tempted to get some diapers. 

We have this hotel room for Thursday night too. Then we take the plane home from Newark arriving in sunny Tallahassee at 3 PM.  Our friend Marge is picking us up at the airport. 

Lulu found a great Hilton Hotel room overlooking the  parade.
We are on the 39th floor - Lulu asked for a room on the 5th
Floor - they wanted $500 more.

Here is the view from 3917 - 400 feet above the parade

In front of our hotel - the CBS booth is right across the street

Buying tickets in Time Square 
Time Square weather was great - 50s - no wind

Hershey Hotel

At the site of balloon inflation

Tomorrow - Tim's girlfriend is going to be holding down
Angry Bird II

It has been a busy week for Lulu and me.
We paced ourselves - saw the kids -
and the grandkids - now Lulu's parade of a lifetime
You see Snoopy with Windex on his head.
Watch for us at the parade tomorrow on TV.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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