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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Our Scooter Broke Down On The Way To See The Seminoles Clobber Syracuse

Lulu loves her Noles - 2 Nice Tickets - $10

We left the house a little early at 11 AM for the noon game because George and Joel were to meet us by the statue at the stadium. I was supposed to get 4 tickets together for us - thus the little extra time.

Lulu and I pulled the Vespa scooter out of the garage and headed west - 2 miles or so to the stadium. About half way there - the scooter sputtered to a halt. I was not in the mood to putter with the scooter - so we parked it - then caught a rickshaw to the stadium. The rickshaw guy worked for tips and was delighted to get $10.

There were plenty of tickets for sale around the stadium - but no George and Joel. We got a message saying they were going to the hospital for family trouble. We did not shop long for tickets - we took two of the first ones we saw because they were in section 32 - which is shady on sunny days. Also - they were on the 30 yard line - row 37. We paid a total of $20 for the tickets - although face value was $60 each.

It looked like rain at kickoff - with a completely overcast sky. Syracuse bounced out to a 7 point lead - FSU was playing a lot of second stringers because some of our top players were hurt. Our best quarterback and running back did not play all day.

After a quarter - the sun came out and we had a clear blue sky - it was perfect weather for a game. By halftime - we were in the shade - but the breezes were wonderful. Some of the third stringers were really rolling up the yards. Seminoles won by 3 or 4 touchdowns. The starters got some needed rest - and Jimbo sandbagged a bit - not showing undefeated Clemson - many of our good plays or players. Still I think they are going to kill us. The world will be surprised if we win.

Although I brought 4 cans of coke in my magical underwear - and Lulu had two hoagies in her purse - we did buy $10 of snacks.

On the way home - we chose to catch an Uber cab - and it got us home quickly for $15. All told - we spent $55 for 2 tickets - game snacks - and rides back and forth. I will put my trailer on our Leaf and go over and pick up the scooter when the traffic clears.

Riding the rickshaw to the stadium - you can see our chief of police in this video.

The 6-1 Seminoles played to a half empty stadium on Parents Day - and no flyover.

Renegade did his best "rear" - he did a wheel stand at the spear planting.

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