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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

In The Capital Of The New South - On The Way To The Capital Of The Old South

I just changed planes in Atlanta - on the way to see the grandkids in Richmond. I parked the Leaf at the Tallahassee Airport at 5am - the 3 day parking fee will be $45 - much more than the price of this round trip - $11. Lulu bought the flight for me with 30000 frequent flyer miles and $11 tax.  

The first flight out of Tallahassee this morning went nearly empty. I guess there were 15 of us in the plane that held 100. With the light load it jumped off the newly constructed runway like a rocket. 

Lulu is in Cocoa Beach for her cousins week - thanks to the Maas family letting her have the condo. 

I will return to town in time to clean up for lulu's arrival home Friday. 

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