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Friday, September 18, 2015

We Drove To Optimum RV In Ocala To See This 2016 Coachmen Orion Camper

2016 Coachmen Orion - on a Dodge Chassis
Lulu and I love traveling. Right now - most of our travels are overseas - but we have visited almost every state by driving. We also like to go back home to visit our kids and family. So we are always on the lookout for that perfect ride. 

We have had about 10 motorhomes - trailers - buses - and converted buses. Each one seemed perfect -   but usually ended up sacrificing ride - economy - comfort - utility - for one over the other. 

We want a camper that is dependable - small enough to park anywhere - good gas mileage - a comfortable bed - a ready bathroom - and climate control. Campers that worked up north cannot compete with Florida's oppressive heat. Something wide enough for a big bed - has a hard time fitting in a parking spot in downtown Boston. The perfect motor home - which we have not found - would have a big enough battery to run an air conditioner all night without using a noisy generator. 

The electric bed drops down from the ceiling.
It is plenty big - 60 x 80 - very nice mattress.
The ladder to get up there is horrible - it hurt my feet.
In a perfect world you would not need a ladder.

The camper we drove yesterday in Ocala comes very close to that ultimate. This is a brand new 2016 Coachmen Orion. It is 24 feet long - 8 feet wide - and 10 feet tall. It has a 280HP V-6 Dodge engine that supposedly gets 17 MPG. It has a full bathroom and full kitchen. Its best feature is a queen size 60 x 80 bed that electrically drops down from the ceiling. 

We took the Coachmen for a long drive around Ocala. It is plenty powerful with its 280HP Dodge engine. It was also very quiet - good for a hard of hearing guy. Lulu drove it and loved the handling. The cabin was roomy - the seats leather. A really great feature is 3 rear facing cameras. You can see all around the unit. You never have to worry about someone in your blind spot passing. 

The windshield is big - with no large bed overhang above - visibility is better than most cars. It is the first camper I drove that has front wheel drive. The body is very plain - large flat fiberglass sides - it should be excellent for keeping clean - this unit could have used a bath though. If it was not so late - I would have gotten out a hose to "test wash" it. 

The main cabin is beautiful - black out shades -
leather seats and sofa with seat belts -
nice flat floor - but ceiling is low from overhead bed

The back fiberglass is flat - small trailer hitch -
rear view camera - window in bathroom

Streamlining helps gas mileage -
also helps with quiet inside - no big overhang like
a Class C has - they call this a B+

Lulu and I like Dodges - we have had many -
when they separated with Mercedes they
designed this chassis

Nice large rear door with electric step - Lulu
would like stepping out during Mardi Gras

Full rear bathroom with shower - toilet - sink -
large mirrors - and giant clothes closet

Shower is 4 piece fiberglass unit with power vent

Behind that mirror is a giant closet

Well appointed Dodge cabin

Plenty of step in room - better than most
Class B's

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