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Friday, September 04, 2015

Our Week At Knoebels Grove With Our Friends And Family

The Everhart 8 in Elysburg PA last week

Knoebels Grove is a time warp amusement park in Elysburg PA. It was founded by the Knoebels Family in 1926 - and they still own and operate it. The philosophy is very simple - free admission - free parking - free shows - and free museums. There are plenty of park benches around for the old folks to watch the kids have a good time. They have camp grounds and cottages available for rent. There are lots of big shade trees - the area was the center of the Pennsylvania Lumber Industry for centuries. 

If you want to ride the rides - you pay per ride - sometimes they have a hand stamp bargain period - but not on weekends. Rides cost from $1 to $3. They gave me a discount of 10% for buying $150 worth of tickets at once. those tickets pretty well paid for all the rides of our family of 8 - try doing that at Disneyworld. The kids went pretty well non-stop.

For $1400 - Lulu and I rented a cottage for a week. The cottage had 5 "bedrooms", 2 bathrooms - 5 full size beds and a pull out couch. We invited family and friends to come and stay as long as they wanted. We had campfires every night - and had visitors every day except Wednesday. We used the grill to cook for 14 of us at one stint. Our cottage - called Pine Crest - was about 100 yards up a small hill from the Phoenix Coaster. At night it was quiet - you could hear the coaster and the train until 10 PM - closing time.

There was plenty of live music and some side shows. 

Lulu and I flew from Tallahassee to Philadelphia. My sons drove from Washington and Richmond. The rest of the friends and family drove from Tamaqua and Allentown. Brother Jack and Tami drove from Rural Retreat VA.

Earl and Jean Eidem and their kids and Lori and Linda also came - but I did not get pictures.

Lulu goes on a secret mission in September - finally Lulu and I go to Germany in February. 

Cousins Jimmy and Georgeanne on the Mine Ride

George - Lulu - MaryRuth - and Cousin Carl - our engineer

Krys (red) - her Dad Rich (dark blue) -
both my PV students. Also John and Liam
 - her husband and son
Carl and Marylou on Sky Ride
Amish kids on Sky Ride
Bill and Jean on sky ride
Twister and the pool from the Sky Ride
Carl and Marylou getting off Sky Ride
Marylou and Lulu on horses. Lulu got brass ring
Harry visited Bloomsburg College -
he went there 45 years ago
Our bedroom - bedroom 1 in cottage - reminds me on my coal region childhood home
A 1950s kitchen with metal table - chairs - cabinets -
fed the family
Each bathroom had a nice fiberglass shower
and plenty of hot water
The living room - mismatched furniture
- old tables - cable TV. We were able to roll the TV into the bedroom
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3 in loft
Bedroom 4 in loft
Bedroom 5 in loft
Bathroom 2
Nice shower in bathroom 2
Front porch was closed in
Our cottage was on a cliff overlooking the woods
Lots of pines - and up on a rcest
Sally came from Hegins - we rode the sky way
The cousins - Lulu - Georgianne - Cathy - Ruthann.
They will all gather again in Cocoa Beach FL in October
Old buddy George with me on the Black Diamond Mine Ride
There were plenty of really good stage shows -
lots of great music
The kids on the Whip
Riding the German Red Baron planes
Son and grandson on the Phoenix- a fantastic wood coaster - $3
The favorite kid ride was the Ribit
My sons ride the horses
Ice cream and hot waffles - the best $3 treat 
The kids would have spent hours running around this adventure.
Betty and Chet took the golf cart up the hill to our cottage.
The cottage was by the car in the background.
Lulu and granddaughter ride the cars
Hands up on the Whip
Mine cars
Hands up on the coaster
Sky Ride
Family on the train
North Pole was frozen
Grandpop and grandson on Phoenix
Sad last day pictures Monday
All aboard for Richmond
Mum Mum alone in the kitchen -
with the echoes of the week
Monday morning - Lulu returns the keys to the park office

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