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Friday, September 04, 2015

National Champions 3 - Third Ranked Texas A&M 1

Tonight we went to see the National Champion Florida State Seminoles Soccer Team play Texas A&M at 7 PM. It was 90 degrees at game time - but a pleasant breeze mad it bearable.

The Aggies scored the only goal in the first half. The Seminoles recovered in the second half scoring 3 quick goals. There was a nice crowd - admission is free - quite a few football fans came to see the girls play.

About 3 years ago - they scraped with field clean - leveled it all out - and planted new turf. It would make a beautiful lawn. The stadium shares a common concession area with the softball stadium.

FSU is 4-1 this season - losing a 4-3 game to the Gators at Gainesville. FSU is currently ranked 5th - Texas A&M was ranked 3rd - until tonight.

FSU had players from Ireland - Iceland - Germany - and Finland. All 15 FSU players played except for one. The guy sitting next to us - drove all the way up from Cape Canaveral to see his All-American freshman daughter play - no luck. He kept insisting that the team needed fresh legs in there.

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