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Monday, September 14, 2015

George and Joel Open The Edison Restaurant at Cascades Park

George and Joel Dawson at the bar -
 in the background former Mayor Marks

The Edison has several eating areas - inside
and out - overlooking Cascades Park

The Edison - a new restaurant in the new Cascades Park in downtown Tallahassee - had a soft opening for VIP guests yesterday. The establishment is in the shell of the former city power company - thus the name Edison. 
Although the restaurant sits smack dab in the middle of the city's newest beauty spot - many citizens are upset that a friend of the mayor got a sweetheart deal that included the city paying for millions of dollars for the restoration of the building and furnishing specifically for this business. 

Of course - it will be the first place we take new guests - it is less than a half mile from our home. Tallahassee has over 500 places to eat - it is a tough competition. There is a joke in Tallahassee that people visit a restaurant twice - once when it opens - and then once when it announces that it is closing. Then they complain how much they miss it when it closes. 

George and Joel Dawson are well known folks in the Tallahassee community and the Woodland Drives neighborhood adjacent to the park. They are the reason that we chose this area of town to live.  We have known them for over 25 years - we used to stay with them when visiting town for football games - and we attend lots of FSU events with them.

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