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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Spain - Barcelona - Melia Sky Hotel For the Next 2 Nights

When we arrived in Barcelona - our trip was delayed by car falling from the highway and onto the railroad tracks ahead of us - we did not have a hotel booked. Lulu wanted something better than last night's place in Bordeaux. We got online in the station and she scored the Melia Sky Barcelone - a 4 star - for $101. It is near the Mediterranean Beach - we are on the 8th floor - we just got back from the stainless steel pool on the 6th floor. 

We took the train from the northwest corner of France all the way down the coast - skirted the Pyrenee Mountains - and ended up to Barcelona. We stopped in Nantes - Bordeaux - and Narbonne. 

We plan to stay in Barcelona 2 nights - then take a 2 hours train to Valencia - we will visit the FSU campus there - then will finished up in Madrid. We fly home from there on July 11th. 

Once we crossed the border into Spain we notice these gigantic new train stations - carved into the mountains underground. They are way over the top compared to anything we saw in France - Netherlands - etc. For how grand they are- they were not that busy. I am guessing it has something to do with the European Union upgrading Spain a little. 

The hotel is very modern - just like son Keith likes. Note the extra bed in the room. 

That is a glass window between the bathroom an bedroom. 

A double sink in the bathroom allows you to watch the sunset as the room looks west.  It is 9 PM and the sun is close to the  mountain horizon.
It has a giant shower with a pocket door.
The old desk is red lacquered. 
We stayed in the Melia White House in London one week in 2003. 

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