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Monday, June 08, 2015

Seminole View - Tallahassee

 Built by Gary Shiver and Gary Shiver Jr

 It is like living on a Southern Plantation - about 1 mile from the Florida State Capitol.

This picture is facing west from Seminole Drive - large pines give a little shade - also some azaleas

 Everyone says it reminds them of Cracker Barrel. They are right - the Florida Coal Cracker Barrel

The roof is 3/4 inch thick plywood - then one foot of spray foam insulation inside keeps the heat out

 The informal back porch shelters the hot tub - a dinette - and two lounge chairs

 The ground has been shaped to shed the heavy Florida thunderstorms. One small Trane heat pump heat and cools everything

 On the back 40 - we grow oranges

And tangerines. The tiny bush is a lemon tree.

 The garage houses the BMW - the Leaf - the Dodge - the mower - 2 scooters

 The wide long porches keep the afternoon sun out of the house

Come on down and sit a spell - we are all dressed up with nowhere to go

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