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Monday, June 29, 2015

Netherlands or Holland? - Day 5 Of Our Trip

It is Day 5 of our trip. Lulu has a busy convention here - school librarians from all over the world. I like to say we are in Holland - but technically we aren't. The Netherland has like 20 provinces. Two of them are North Holland and South Holland - that is where Rotterdam and Amsterdam are. You think of the tulips - windmills - and wooden shoes from those provinces. A majority of the people live there.Right now we are in Maastricht - in the province of Limburg - famous for that cheese. Since Holland is so easy to spell - I usually reach for it when I am writing. 

There is a sweet grocery store next to our hotel - big variety and good prices. It is common here for people to shop for fresh food every day. Since they are riding bikes or walking - they only buy a small bag full. They also bring their own bags. Notice that Amstel Beer is 99 cents for a 16 ounce can. This is the store where I stock up on my 19 cent puddings - vanilla and chocolate. I will miss those. 

I saw this very nice 1960 MGA sitting by our hotel. It is 55 years old. I had one of these in 1968 - I paid $650 for it as it was 8 years old. Mine had the rare twin cam engine in it. 

This would make a cool camper - really it was for a handicap passenger. It reminded me of the pope mobile - with all the glass.

Our hotel sits on the Meuse River which is 500 miles long. It flows north to the North Sea. It is way east of the Seine River but flows the same way. Lots of large cargo ships pass by every hour. We were on th bank watching last night late.

The scooter rental business must be pretty good. They guy these Chinese scooters that are copies of Italian Scooters. They cost about 1000$. They rent for 40$ a day on weekdays. So after 25 days of rental - everything is profit. They say they are not as rugged as the Italian scooters - but the Vespa cost 4000$. I rented one for 3 days for $120 and they gave me an extra day. 

This is Maastricht's market square. I took this picture from my scooter - right before the camera broke. This is the second Sony RX100 that broke on me - same problems - lens won't close - nothing but static on the screen. A $600 camera should last more than 2 years. 

This is my rental Chinese knock off scooter. It is governed down to only go 25 KMPH - about 15 MPH. That way you are allowed to drive on the sidewalks - bike paths - plazas - etc. You also do not need a helmet. It is comfy for two people - it does have a burglar alarm. I did bring a bike lock and cable with me. And a GPS. I just took Lulu to one of her convention meetings on it. You should see Lulu in a skirt on this. 

This is a VW Caddy. They do not import them to the USA. They are a sweet little wagon. 

My picture quality is going to drop. I will be using Lulu's camera - and sometimes my iPhone. 

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