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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I Sold My 1986 Honda Helix 250 Scooter

Leaf pulling Honda Helix

To make a little space in the garage - I have sold my white Honda Helix scooter. The scooter is in great shape - it is 29 years old and only had 2800 miles on it. 

The Honda Helix was a scooter made for long cruising by old men. It had a long wheels base and a large on cylinder 250cc water cooled engine. It was belt driven with a continuously variable transmission - well ahead of its time. Today - they are just starting to put this type of transmission in autos. 

John - the fellow that bought it - plans to drive it to work every day - 15 miles each way. 

Other features of this Honda were - digital dashboard - plastic body - windshield - electric start - water cooled engine - giant trunk - and two large seats. It could go 70 MPH all day. It got about 80 miles per gallon and held about 3 gallons of gasoline. It has the step-thru body that old men love. 

Some people said that the body reminded them of the Jetson's TV Show. 

I delivered the bike using the Nissan Electric Leaf and a Lowes trailer. 

We are now down to a BMW - the Leaf - a Vespa Scooter - mower - tools - gas grill - sweeper - in our garage. There is enough room in there for our trailer if we wanted to store it inside. 

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