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Friday, May 15, 2015

Walking To A Beach Boys Concert Down The Street

Bruce Johnston - unknown - Brian Wilson - Al Jardine - Mike Love. Bruce and Mike will be there tonight. 

Tonight at 7 PM - Lulu - Me - Josh - and Melissa are going to a Beach Boys concert. They are playing as Cascades Park - the newest addition to our neighborhood. It is not everyday that you can have good friend over - then stroll down the street to enjoy a former number one in the nation band. 

Yes - I know some of them died - some of them don't tour - and some of them left the group decades ago. Tonight - only Mike Love will be left from the original group. Brian Wilson - the main songwriter does not tour. Bruce Johnston - who came to the group to replace Glenn Campbell - who replaced Brian when he had a nervous breakdown - will be there tonight. 

I first saw The Beach Boys play at the Lakewood Ballroom near Tamaqua PA in 1963. Due to poor promotion by local promo man Bill Aubrey - only 300 people attended the show. My friend Fred and I sat on the edge of the stage and enjoyed our heroes. Also on the ticket were local bands - The Chevelles - and Angie and the Citations (Strangers). The Chenille's Greg Machay stole the show with his guitar solos. Greg was my best friend then. 

The Beach Boys lost their crown to The Beatles - and other British Invasion bands. 

Much later in life - I took my sons to see The Beach Boys at The Allentown Fair. Son Keith enjoyed playing their tunes over and over. 

Front - Al Jardine - Dennis Wilson - Back - Mike Love - Brian Wilson - Carl Wilson
In 1962 - David L Marks - Carl Wilson - Dennis Wilson - Mike Love - Brian Wilson.  Marks was in high school and he could not tour. He is the Beach Boys' version of Peter Best of The Beatles.
They looked like this when I saw them at Lakewood. Al - Carl - Brian - Mike - and drummer Dennis. Three were brothers - one a cousin - one a friend. 

Tickets were $50 for reserved seats - which are sold out. They are selling general admission for the grass hill for $40 each. There is a good chance of rain.

The Beach Boys were managed by Murray Wilson - a father of 3 of them. He pushed the band pretty hard - driving Brian Wilson into mental health care. Brian is considering a musical genius - he influenced many other bands including The Beatles.

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