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Friday, May 22, 2015

Oregon - Today We Are Driving Highway 101 Up the Coast

Salem Oregon's State Capitol - built in 1935 - is an Art Deco version of the Classic Greek US Capitol
Thursday we drove from Vancouver WA to Florence OR on Siuslaw River. Today we will drive north on Highway 101 along the coast to Olympia - Washington's capital
We spent the entire second day of our trip driving from Vancouver WA to Florence OR in our gray Nissan Sentra rental car. Oregon reminds me a bit of Ireland and a bit of back home in Tamaqua PA. It is very green - it does not see a whole lot of clear skies and sunshine. They have lush grass and lots of trees. The mountains are a bit more random than you find in Pennsylvania where they line up like fortress walls.

We have 2 more nights to spend vagabonding until we must board our cruise ship on Sunday around noon for Alaska. We just found out that our cruise ship has a free laundry - I wish I would have read that sooner - I brought way too many clothes. I could have gotten by with just 2 gray t-shirts - shorts - jeans. Lulu and I travel the whole world with a carry-on bag and backpack. No - I am not avoiding the check luggage fees - with our FF access we can check our bags for free. The main reason we travel so light is because they move you to the head of the line when they ask for volunteer bumps - they do not want to go digging for your luggage. 

We are looking forward to the drive up the Oregon Coast today.

The beaver symbol is everywhere even on the carousel in Salem OR
The carousel in Salem was listed as one of their top attractions
The carousel is in the park along the river in downtown Salem

We saw elks along the highway to Reedsport OR

Sand Dunes National Park near Florence. This is by our hotel.
Our Florence hotel is along the river - the is the first time I ever saw a warning sign in a hotel room for a tsunami

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