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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hakuna Matata - The Carefree Life At Alligator Point

We met this pig at the beach last week

Whenever Lulu gets a little stressed out about work or travel - I know a place where she can go to recharge her batteries. A good beach on the Gulf is about 40 miles from home. A couple hours there and she is ready to go again. This time she met a pig on the beach - it even climbed up on our blanket. 

Yes - a lovely family from Tallahassee has a cottage on the sand - and we caught them in the ritual of walking their pig. The water was 60 degrees and too cold for Floridians - but not for pigs. This pig loves to "go" in the water. 

I am not making this up - the pig's owners - The Porker Family!

We also stumbled onto a cottage on fire - after a little smoke the fire truck came blazing up the road. 

We had the beach to ourselves - and one pig

Lulu loved the pig - all I could think of was lunch. 

In a couple of weeks - there will be a lot of pigs on the beach - Spring Break.

Hakuna Matata

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