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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fat Tuesday - Midnight - Bourbon Street - The Clock Stuck Twelve And We Turned Back Into Pumpkins

The final sweep - literally.

A few minutes in a small music bar. 

It is 8 AM - the morning after - Hangover Wednesday.

We woke up with one task today. After breakfast in our  hotel - we have to get to our bus stop by noon for the trip home. It is 1.5 miles away. I think a cab would be nice.

We really had a nice time last night - you are not sure what to expect. I did not see any physical violence - I did not see any crime. The closest came when Lulu grabbed a set of lighted beads in mid-flight that another girl flashed for.

At my age I cannot imagine drinking to the point of hurling - but we saw a bit of that - even some projectile hurling from a balcony.

Lulu said the crowd was a young one - but at my age - every crowd is a young one.

The average temperature of Fat Tuesday is 66 degrees here - the best we saw was 47 degrees with a 20 MPH wind. That is why I was wearing the blanket from our hotel room as my overcoat - no one really noticed.

Lulu has a pile of junk she wants to bring home. There is one black and gold necklace with the New Orleans Fleur de Leaf - a cool symbol that reminds me of my Boy Scout days - that I would like to keep. Maybe I can make it into a Christmas ornament.

I have a feeling we will be sleeping a bit on the bus home. We leave here at noon - add an hour for times zones - we arrive in Tallahassee at 8 PM. Our basketball game with Clemson begins at 9 PM! From the bus depot to the Tucker Center is about 6 blocks. We will dump our bags in the Leaf - if it is still there - looks for tickets for the basketball game - and this adventure will not be over until midnight.

For lent I plan to give up beads.

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