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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Our Coal Cracker Friends Visited Tesla And the Palma Maria

This is the Tamaqua Table at the Palma Maria Restaurant. Jan and Dick Davis sit with Carl and Marylou Zimmerman - with old Pete Rosinola looking on. 

Friday our Coal Cracker friends left here bound for Tampa and Orlando. We had so much fun here - then they were gone. They re-appeared at the Tesla dealership in Casselberry and also the Palm Maria Restaurant about 1 mile away.

The Palm Maria was an Italian restaurant on Broad Street in Tamaqua PA. Now is sits along Route 436 (Semoran Boulevard) in Casselbery FL - about 30 miles northeast of Disneyworld. It has been there 35 years. It is still run by the Rosinola Family - Mom and Dad are gone- but the 4 "kids" still cook and serve. The food is fantastic and the bill is low. 

They have a special table called the Tamaqua table - where all the old Coal Crackers pose. 

Tesla is a fantastic electric car - in my opinion it may be the best car ever made. Too bad it costs $100k. It goes like 150 MPH - and  0 to 60 in under 4 seconds. It goes about 300 miles on a charge. I sent the crew there to see them - and of course Dickie Davis talked them into a neck snapping ride. It certainly got Carl's attention and a visit to a chiropractor :-)

Tesla has a quick charge network set up all over the country. For free - you can quick charge your car. 
Carl inspects the chassis of a Tesla - it is a work of art. The Tesla motor has one moving part.

Dickie Keebler Davis went for a neck snapping ride.

Jan and Dick hold hands and kiss each other's butt goodbye.

This one had a ticket of $135k with 2 motors and 4WD

This is not a Tesla S - I am not sure what it is.

Carl loves trains - he is the driver of the locomotive at Knoebels Grove. If you go to Knoebels Grove - say hi to Carl.

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