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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

I Took Betty and Chet To Wakulla Springs And Shell Point

We drove the BMW down to the coast at Shell Point. It was a pretty - sunny - day - about 77 - no wind. 

For the last 5 days Lulu's Mom Betty and her friend Chet have been visiting us. Yesterday - I took them on a tour to Wakulla Springs and the Gulf Coast.

Wakulla Springs is one of the world's largest fresh water springs. 250,000 gallons a minute comes up out of the ground and forms the Wakulla River which flows 10 miles to the Coast. The water is so clear you can see many animals in the river.

We saw 17 manatees and dozens of alligators.

I have been on the boat tour many times - but this time was different. They have purchases electric motors for the boats. The boats are now very quiet - so it is easier to hear the tour guide. Also - you have not smelly gasoline pollution.

The electric boat system has solar panels on the roof that make enough to power the boat. They do not have to plug the boat in to charge it. Under each seat there are batteries to store the electricity. It is an elegant system. They have two separate electric motors. The gasoline motor is still on the boat as a backup.

We had lunch at the Wakulla Lodge right before the boat tour. After the tour we had ice cream at the marble soda fountain in the hotel. They serve gigantic single dip ice cream cones.

After the boat tour we drove the BMW - top down - to the Golf Coast at Shell Point. We wake about 1/2 mile on the beach. Then we drove the 28 miles home with the top down at sunset.

Note the twin electric motors - and the old gasoline motor between them

We saw 17 manatees -one baby was only 4 feet long. 

There are twin controls of the two electric motors

Chet and Betty enjoyed seeing all the animals.

The boat batteries are stored in wooden boxes under the seats.

These solar panels make enough power to cruise all day.

Betty and Chet after the boat tour.

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