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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Virginia Is For Lovers - And Visiting Library Interns

The same pool at our wedding hotel - heated to 87 degrees was great.

Our wedding room is directly behind us on the 3rd floor. We stayed there again. 

Whenever Lulu is assigned to visit library interns in the field - she tries to plan it around other events so that we have fun killing the time between schools. Virginia is a big state - and the two interns are on opposite ends - 6 hours of driving apart,

Friday - we flew to Richmond and stayed the night with son Drew and family. We got to see the kids in a run - a football game - and a soccer match. 

Saturday - Drew - Liz - Keith - Lulu - and I went to Raleigh to see FSU play North Carolina State. Tickets were hard to get - but we got two for $40 each and three for $25 each. We also had a nice tailgate buffet after the game. 

Sunday - before we drove to Virginia Beach  - we got to see the kids in a run - a football game - and a soccer match. Virginia Beach is on the far eastern end of the state on the Atlantic. The first intern is there - but it is also where Lulu and I spent our wedding night on the honeymoon trip to Miami - June 24th - 1971. That is also my mother in law's birthday. 

Back then we stayed at the Empress Hotel. To our delight it is still there - and now an Econolodge. It is a boutique motel and the rooms still look the same - the same furniture after 43 years! We got our old room - Number 341 - the middle on the top floor. Lulu loves the beach and this was special. We paid $32 back then - $72 this time - senior discount  :-)

Monday and Tuesday - Lulu visited the intern in Virginia Beach while I went to the Military Air Museum. The museum is classic and a story in itself later. It was so good - I went back Tuesday. Then we drove 6 hours to Rural Retreat VA. 

Wednesday - Today and tomorrow we are at Abingdon VA - home of Martha Washington. It is a cute resort town and I will enjoy 2 days here while Lulu visits the intern here. Tomorrow late we go home. 

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