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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Virginia Beach - Military Aviation Museum - Was Worth Two Days Visit

This is a Fokker tri-winger - the aircraft flown by the famous Red Barron. It is housed in the wooden German hangar.

Jerry Yagen has a wonderful collection of flying World War I and World War II aircraft. He houses them at the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach. It is about 10 miles southwest of the beach proper. I stumbled on the collection pretty far from the touristy area of the beach. While Lulu was slugging it out in the public schools downtown - I was enjoying this wonderful display. 

The collection fills about 9 large buildings - some structures collected from other places. My favorite was an authentic Luftwaffe Hangar brought back from Germany piece by piece and reassembled to house German aircraft.

The price of admission was $10. They let me in the second day for free. 

All of these aircraft fly. They have regular shows. 

The only USA made plane in WWI was the Curtis Jenny. After the war - they were sold as surplus for under $200.

This Fokker had an air to ground machine gun - it could be pointed straight down  to attack troops. The plane also dropped bombs.

This German Luftwaffe hangar was bought in Germany - taken apart - shipped here - and put together like a puzzle. The woodwork inside is impeccable. 

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