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Friday, October 17, 2014

Lulu Hosted the Women In The Hood (WITH) Party a At Our House Last Night

photos by Lulu
Every room/closet/attic were open for the grand tour. 

Every few months - the Women in the Hood gather at someone's home - and last night from 6 to 8 - I went to a ball game as the ladies gathered at our house. Even though we have been in the neighborhood for 10 years - we felt like newbies because everyone wanted to see the inside of our new home. While it was being constructed from August 2013 to January 2014 - we had tons of "sidewalk superintendents" slowly cruising by on Seminole Drive as Gary Shiver built our home. 

I do not know the names of these lovely ladies - but if anyone wants to identify them for me - I will add the captions. 

The kitchen/dining/living room easily held 35 people. 

Food was served on a 1300 pound slab of granite

Lots of tasty treats were left for me to enjoy.

Diane on the left in red - is the buyer of our former home at 1607 Seminole Drive. 

You can see our pantry in the background.

Quincy Hamby and Mia Shargel both live on Seminole Drive. Mia bought our Prius.

All the windows have plantation shutters provide by

Bill "the Builder" Gwynn built the guest house and pool for us at 1607 Seminole Drive. He is presently building a "million dollar" mansion down the street. 

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