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Friday, October 03, 2014

Abingdon Virginia - I Never Heard Of This Beautiful Little Town in the Appalachians - But What a Great Visit We Had

Abingdon was the home of Martha Washington. For 70 years the Martha Washington College called Main Street home. 

The State Theatre of Virginia is on Main Street - it has daily shows.

Abingdon was a main city on the Wilderness Road - today US Route 11 and Interstate I-81 - follow that path. Settlers moving west stopped here for a last bit of culture. 

Lulu's brother Jackie lives about 40 miles east of here on I-81. Lulu had to visit a library intern here - so we were introduced to this beautiful town. Today - tourism is their number one product. Before - lumber and travelers left here via The Wilderness Road and later the railroad. The town sits at 2000 feet above seal level - so winters are cold and snowy - but the other 3 season have marvelous weather - clear skies - plenty of breezes.

Main Street cuts the town in two - going east and west. Most of the downtown buildings are red brick and many of them have historic signs on them. Because of the federal and county courts here - there are a lot of law offices. 

The inside of the theatre is top drawer - we will return to see a play there. This weekend Lulu's Mom is visiting brother Jackie - and he is taking her to a show there.

The Barter Theatre got its name because it was started on the premise that the farmers could exchange products for admission to the shows. 

Lulu spent Wednesday and Thursday visiting a library intern at the elementary school. The school was about 4 miles outside of town in a rural valley setting. In order to be a school librarian - one must have a teaching license - then take a masters degree in librarianship - and finally work as an unpaid intern for a semester. People are surprised when they hear the program is that strenuous. They are even more surprised when they find out Lulu has a doctor's degree in library science. 

The main theatre entrance of the Barter Theatre.

Lulu found the Washington County Library and to her surprise - one of her FSU Library School graduates was working there.

The library had an excellent children's section.

We had supper at The Tavern with Jackie - Lulu's brother. The Tavern was built in 1779 and was used a a Civil War hospital. Note the 1964 Mustang V8 Convertible.

We ate at the oldest building in Abingdon.

Abingdon housed the county court and the US Federal Court.

We sat on this veranda at the Martha Washington Hotel. It used to be a college.

The Martha Washington Hotel was decorated in 1860 to 1920 motif.

At one time - this was a dining hall for the co-eds of Martha Washington College.

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