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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lulu - Paul - and Michelle Promoted To Full Professor - Last Night We Had a Big Party at the Old President's Home at Florida State University

Lulu - Paul Marty - Michelle Kazmer

The acceptance speech by the trio

It was 10 years ago when we moved to Tallahassee when Lulu was recruited to be a professor at FSU.  A lot of fun and work has gone thru the turnstiles here in the Northern Florida town. 

Last night we had a party at the Old President's House on campus to celebrate Lulu - Paul - and Michelle being promoted to full professor. This is as high as you can go without becoming some kind of administrator. All three of the candidates grew up and did their undergraduate studies in Pennsylvania. 

About 60 people came to the party - mostly fellow professors - former students - college staff - friends - and neighbors. They enjoyed a buffet including roast beef and turkey. About 8 PM - the cakes were cut and a few speeches were made. Dean Larry Dennis cut the cake. 

Lulu's first PhD candidate student - Melissa Johnston - flew down from Tuscaloosa Alabama for the event. She is now an assistant professor of library science at the University of Alabama. 

I should add that although Paul and Michelle met at college - he is originally from Illinois. 

Wanda Brown - Barbara Heusel - Dennis Moore

JP Brown - Lulu - Shuyuan Mary Ho

Melissa Johnston - Jennifer Underhill - Cana Nudi

Geroge Dawson - Manny Shargel

Michelle Kazmer - Mia Shargel

The Old President's Home - where the party played from 6 PM to 10 PM

Josh Gross - Dean Larry Dennis

Vanessa Dennen - Ken Baldauf

Sanghee Oh - Melissa Johnston - Pam Doffek - Kathy Burnett

Joel Dawson - our neighbor

Melissa Gross - Elaine Dennis

This guy served roast beef and turkey all night

Joel Dawson - Wanda Brown - Barbara Heusel

Dennis Moore - Gary Burnett - George Dawson

Wanda Brown - Lulu - JP Brown

The Guests of Honor - Michelle - Paul - Lulu

Having our cake and eating it too

Larry Dennis - Party Marty - Michelle Kazmer

Lulu - Director Kathy Burnett

Dessert cakes

Warren Allen - Chris Hinnant

Lulu - Mary Ho - Josh Gross - Melissa Gross - Michelle Kazmer

2 Melissa's

The main drawing room in the Old President's House at FSU

At 10 PM it was all over and we had the place to ourselves

This cat had the run of the place and was mooching food. 

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