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Monday, September 01, 2014

I Love LED Lightbulbs - I Am So Cheap

Last night the moon lit up the sky over our new home. The LED lights lit up the yard. 

These 4 watts LED bulbs cost $7 at Lowes. They put out 240 lumens.

Yesterday I installed 5 outdoor lights on our garage. I used LED lightbulbs - just like I did in the rest of the house project. Do not get these mixed up with those swirly bulbs. LED bulbs are brighter - dimmable - have no warmup period - and last a long time. I almost forget to say they use way less electricity. 

I bought my LED bulbs at Lowes - but you can shop online too. People might complain they cost too much. I bought mine for $7 each. My bulbs use only 4 watts of power. They put out 240 lumens - about the same as a 25 watt regular bulb. The package says they will last for 50,000 hours! I hope that means 50,000 hours of being turned on  :-)

4 watts of power is 25 times less used than a 100 watt bulb. A 100 watt light bulb cost 1 penny an  hour to run. That means my bulbs can burn 25 hours for a penny. 

In my opinion - light bulbs are the best burglary prevention you can have. Like cockroaches - burglars hate bright lights. They simply pick someone else's house to rip off. 

A total of 5 - 4 watt bulbs light up our garage. They are on a timer that turns them off and on as many times as you want. 

As you can see from this chart - our home had the lowest consumption for homes of similar size in our neighborhood. Even though we have left 10 LED porch lights on at night - our bill is very low. Most of our energy use is by the heat pump/AC unit. 

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