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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Things You Find Rooting Thru Grandma's Attic

Lulu in her wedding dress from 1971. 

Lulu in her THS prom dress of 1972. 

It's almost 100 degrees in Tallahassee outside - so we decided to do a little organizing in Lulu's attic. Even though the attic is not heated nor air conditioned - we wanted to prove that thanks to the one foot of SucraSeal insulation - it stays a relatively cool 80 degrees. 

We have shelves and 60 plastic bins that we use to sort our junk. Each bin has a letter or letters on it. We have a computer spreadsheet with all our junk listed on it and the bin it can be found. 

Today Lulu looked up wedding dress and prom dress. It has been 43 years since Lulu wore these dresses - the wedding dress in 1971 - and the prom dress in 1972. If I were allowed to take pictures from the rear - you would notice about a 4 inch gap going up the back. They reminded me of the dresses that undertakers use - no back. Lulu was a good sport and allowed me to use these pictures to tell the story about our super insulated roof. 

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