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Monday, August 18, 2014

Panama City Beach - The Red Neck Riviera

It is about 2 hours from Tallahassee to Panama City Beach. Another 4 hours drive would have you in New Orleans. 

A nice walk on the beach at sunset completed a beautiful 3 day vacation for me - a work  trip for Lulu.

We love our beach tent. It is free standing - the front can be closed to use it as a beach cabana for changing clothes. I wonder if it is waterproof. It has screened windows and a sewn-in floor. That is our hotel in the background.

Even though Panama City Beach is in Florida - it appears to be "owned" by the people of Alabama. They like to call it the Red Neck Rivieria. Note on the maps that it is surrounded on 3 sides by Alabama - and the other side is the Gulf. The only thing left to complete the picture is Jackie and Tami.

The water is warm - the sand is white and fluffy. The beaches are wide. 

The picture above is our sun tent in front of the Legacy by the Sea Hotel. They is a row of rentals chairs and cabanas but most of the beach people are on their own chairs and blankets. They also have coolers full of food and beverages - lots of beverages. Our hotel had a nice pool and hot tub. Outdoor showers can get you nice and clean for the 111 mile ride back to Tallahassee. 

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