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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Panama City Beach For Three Days

Lulu and I at the Hofbrauhaus in Panama City Beach. At 2 PM - beers are 2 for the price of 1. Note the crowd. This is the first picture with my new bionic eye. 

Lulu has a conference in Panama City Beach for the next 3 days. I go along to carry her bags. 

As we pulled out of our home on Seminole Drive - we noticed the moving van at 1607 Seminole. Right on time - the furniture for the Kling's arrived. It was raining lightly as they started unloading the stuff into our old house. 

From our house to Panama City Beach is 111 miles if you go the shortest way - but it is not the fastest way. It rained off and on as we drove west - the highways were not crowded. As we arrived at the beach we noticed the streets were not that crowded either by cars or people. Panama City has some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world - but it almost seemed like the off season started. School starts this Monday in Florida. The clerk at our hotel assured us that the hotel was booked solid. We had to wait for our rooms - so we went to Pier Park - a neat shopping center. 

Hofbrauhaus has a beergarten there. Between 2 and 4 pm they had 2 for it drafts. I am not a big beer fan - but Hofbrau is a great beer. We have traveled to the famous Hofbrauhaus in Munich to drink this smooth beer. The brewery is in the same spot almost 500 years. Someday we will visit it for Oktoberfest.

As we enjoyed our beer - Lulu was texted to say our room was ready. The hotel is about 1 mile east of Pier Park so we drove back - unloaded our bags - and got the key to our 9th floor room. As we opened the door - it was hard to miss the big Jacuzzi tub right next to the bed. You can soak in the hot tub and peer out the window at the surf. 

We will spend two nights here - driving home Friday evening. Too bad - because Hofbrauhaus has free draft beer in the beergarten after 6 PM on a Friday night. I certainly could not drive after a night of that.

This picture is the real Hofbrauhaus in Munich Germany where Hitler became Fuhrer. 

Our beach and pool from the lobby of the Legacy by the Sea.

Lulu loves the beach - particularly this one - note the sugar white sand and blue/green water.

This moving van was unloading the Kling's furniture as we left town. 

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