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Thursday, August 07, 2014

I Just Had A Lens Removed From My Eye One Hour Ago

I just had surgery to place a bionic lens in my eye. The surgery was at 10:30 - I am home typing this at 11:30. Simply - I only have had one good eye all my life. I developed a goofy cataract lens in that good eye. The procedure was straight forward at a clinic at my doctor's office. They do a pounce with a needle into the eye. Then they suck out the old lens and clean up the area. Then they insert a new lens in the hole all rolled up. Finally they spread it like a carpet and hold it down with stitches. The whole thing took 15 minutes - I was awake and watched it all. They inserted a multi-focal lens - that gives me vision thru all ranges. I will never need glasses again. It is like a series of concentric rings. A regular single vision lens costs $900 - medicare paying for it all. The multi-focal lens costs an extra $2600 that I had to pay. I would guess my eyesight is 20/40 right now - a little cloudy. I am wearing those big sun glasses. Tomorrow it should be 20/25 - and Monday it should be 20/20. I am typing without glasses - something I seldom did before. Remember I am off the operating table about an hour. Lulu was there with me. I cannot drive or drink for 24 hours. I cannot lift stuff for a week. I cannot swim or tub bath for 2 weeks. I will be having a ceremony to crush my old glasses. Of course I was nervous because they were working on my only good eye - but I believe in science. I will update my progress.

Added 20 hours later - my vision is even clearer. I did not experience much of the itchy eye they talk about. I will go back to the doctor at 8 AM today for a checkup to make sure the lens is in place and there is no infection. Right now things seem okay. 

Update - 9 AM - the day after. I just returned from a doctor exam. I tested out at 20/25 - and my pupil is still dilated wide open. Doctor expects 20/20 or better. Eye pressure is perfect.  One correction on my story above. No stitches were used - the lens stays in place from cornea pressure. 

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