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Sunday, July 06, 2014

On Our Trip North To See Kids And Grandkids

It is 1 pm. We have gone 250 miles with 150 more to Charleston. The Prius has be giving us a whopping 50 miles per gallon going 66 mph.

Lulu is driving now - traffic has been mild and weather is dry and 84.

Lulu got a 5 star Doubletree on points for tonight right on Marion Square down town. We should be there by 4 pm check in time.

We plan to walk the city - tour the Citadel - and have a nice supper.

Charleston is 400 miles from home and 400 miles from Richmond.

It is clouding up now a bit and may rain soon. Now the first drops have hit the windshield.

Yesterday I took the Prius for service. They noted a water pump that showed signs of leakage so we replaced it. I also had a new coach battery installed and changed all the filters.

I am not find of interstate highway driving but it sure gets you from place to place fast. At 66 mph you can get in the right lane and never have to pass.

I will keep you updated on our progress.


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