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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Monday Morning At The Citadel in Charleston

You know what they say about guys with Corvettes - we saw 4 parked on campus.

This ring played a big part in the TV show House of Cards

For discipline you walk the quad - touching every square.

Charleston is a beautiful city. It is also the home of the writer Pat Conroy and The Military College of South Carolina - The Citadel.

If you judge a school by its campus - The Citadel is one of the best colleges in America. Some would argue that it is the heart of the Confederacy. The Civil War started here when the rebels fired on Fort Sumter. This once was the state capital and 40% of the slaves came in through this gateway. Many states have had military colleges similar to West Point - this one seems to be the one to hold onto those old values the most.

Chris Kenny was honored on the green - he died in Iraq.

Harry poses as Frank Underwood in House of Cards.

All the cadets live in this row of barracks.

Lulu posed between these two big operating guns on the green.

There are lots of signs around campus about - duty - honor - respect. It seems hypocritical that The Citadel has fiercely opposed admitting African Americans and women. Donald Trump graduated from here and obtained a high rank - I would say he characterizes this place for me.

We stopped at the canteen on campus for breakfast. The state must subsidize the meals because we had a fantastic breakfast for two and the whole bill was $11. That was eggs - bacon - grits - toast - coffee - milk. The food was great and the portions large. The canteen was nicely decorated and looked new.

I am sorry we missed the weekly parade on the large parade ground every Friday. The entire field was gold green quality grass. The black ground keepers were getting ready to mow the field with they big John Deere zero turn mowers. Everywhere we went the grass and flowers glistened from the morning irrigation.

If you have been watching Kevin Spacey's House of Cards on TV - you know the important role that South Carolina and The Citadel played in President Frank Underwood's life. He was constantly fidgeting with his Citadel ring.

One last note - it will give me quite a good feeling when these guys come to Tallahassee to play The Seminoles in September. We may beat them by 60 points with a team of 90% minorities. The Old South meets The New South.

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