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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gary Shiver's Latest Project

In the woods north of Tallahassee - Gary Shiver is on to his next project. After finishing our home - he moved onto a commercial property. Now he is building this beautiful barn/play house for his friend. 

Upstairs - there is a finished workshop for the wife. On one side is a giant screened in room with a stone fireplace. A workshop is on the first floor - and a place for cars and trucks.

Harry - Gary - the Owner

Step go up to the second floor on the attic.

The building is being covered with rough cut vertical pine planks.

The fireplace is a stainless feel wood burning unit. It will be covered with stone.

The metal roof has a large overhang.

The fireplace will be in a giant screened party room.

Steps to the loft.

Gary Wayne and Josh 

Sawing rough cut lumber - lots of splinters.

The Prius made an appearance.

This is the north side facing the road.

This is a classic Cracker Style barn

Working in the screened party room.

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