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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Alligator Point After A Hard Day of Work

Alligator Point is 40 miles south of town. It is the closest real ocean beach - in less than an hour you can be on the white sand and into the water.

After a day of working the pipe and wire trenches in our yard - we threw our beach tent into the Prius and headed south. We stopped for a picnic supper to take along - and picked up a dashing bathing for Lulu at the world's best Walmart in Crawfordville.

There were only 3 or 4 families on the sand as we arrived around 5 - and they left pretty soon giving us the beach to ourselves. Can you imagine miles of white sand beaches in Florida with warm water and no people? Well that is what we had. 

We stayed until well past sundown - we were tempted to stay in our tent to see if anyone would roust us. But in the dark - we pulled up stakes - folded the poles and rolled up the tent. Lulu drove home - and in less than an hour - we were showered and ready for bed. 

We found someone to take our picture - this is looking east.

The sunset can be seen through Lulu's hair - looking west. In this photo I used a flash because I was shooting into the sun.

Tallahassee to Alligator Point is 40 miles. Traffic is nonexistent on the 2 lane highway - 319.

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