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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

We Started A Building Trend In The Neighborhood

A new Art Deco House - going up in Woodland Drives on Seminole.

Just 2 doors north of us on Seminole Drive - another new home is taking shape. It is just across the street from our old home at 1607 Seminole Drive. 

Bill the Builder - the man who built our old guest house and pool - decided to build a home for an old friend. Bill divided his lot - and is building an Art Deco Palace for Sandy - an old friend. New is old. Sandy - a man - has been living in Hawaii for 50 years. But he was born on the lot between our new home and Bill's home. That birth house has been moved a little bit west - but it is still there. 

Sandy decided to move back home from Hawaii - he considered at one time buying our old home at 1607 Seminole. But when you are in your 70s - you want to built something special for yourself. You do not care what others think.

Sandy and Bill are building a 3 story concrete block edifice. It has round corners - fireplaces - balconies - and many interesting features. It has an elevator and a giant roof deck made of poured concrete. Bill has been personally laying all the blocks and pouring the concrete. Many of the fixtures and features were salvaged from mansions in Miami - like 10 foot high doors - 13 foot high ceilings - and ornate balconies. The round forms were build on the spot - then poured by Bill.

When complete - the first floor will be storage - like an above ground basement. The second floor will be living quarters. The third floor features a large crow's nest man cave. The entire roof deck will be concrete with a 3 foot high concrete block rail to prevent people from falling off. It is a long way down - about 35 feet. 

The roof is complete - it is closed in. Now they must put in the windows and doors. Finally - Bill will stucco the outside. all 3 floors are connected by an elevator shaft.

They expect to be done by Labor Day. 

Thanks to this house and our new house - the average home price in the neighborhood will rise. 

This is a view of Bill's garden from the roof.

At the end of that driveway your can see our old gray house.

The gray house is our old house for sale at 1607 Seminole Drive.

The roof is sealed. Now they will pour a 4 inch thick concrete slab up there for parties.

That is Bill Gwynn. The green house in the background is where Sandy was born around 1940.

Bill is wearing his block laying clothes. That is Bill's guest house in the background

From the roof you can see Bill's main house.

My golf cart looks far away from the roof. Note Quincie's pool.

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