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Saturday, June 28, 2014

The World's Largest Classic Car Showroom - Buy A Classic At Harrah's Hotel

On the 5th floor of the hotel is this car collection. It cost $10 to see or go online and print out a free pass

The Car Collection is on the 5th floor in the Quad section of Harrah's Hotel on the strip. Admission is $10 but if you go to their web page you can print out a free ticket. It is several big rooms. It is very nicely decorated. I was surprised there were maybe only 50 enthusiasts or buyers there the whole time I was there. 

Each car has a little plaque on it explaining its history and condition. The options are listed along with a price. I could see coming here some day and buying one and trailering it home. But it would be more practical to fly in to the airport - take a taxi to Shelby America - and drive one of those babies home. 

This was Kennedy's Lincoln in NYC one week before Dallas. Just think if he were riding a hardtop in Dallas. Maybe Vietnam would have been different.

Here is President Kennedy riding in the Lincoln.

This MGA looks like a pretty nice buy

In 1968 - I bought a similar MG like this for $650. Mine had the twin cam engine. the yawned $75000 for this one.

The MGA looks a lot like the early Shelby Cobra.

This was an early Shelby King Cobra.

The MGTD is a classic British sports car. The soldiers coming back for England brought them to America.

This 1969 Cadillac had on 39000 miles on it.

1962 MGA

This 1957 Panhard made in France only weighed 1600 pound - less than a VW. It had an aluminum body

$29000 for this Panhard seems reasonable.

Alfa Romeo

This 1964 StingRay had automatic transmission.

Alfa Romeo

This classic logo on an Impala was  an american icon thanks to The Beach Boys.

$65000 for this perfect 1957 Chevy BelAir convertible.

$125000 for this 1955 Chevy. My buddy Paul Gimbel had a 55 Chevy but not quite like this.

I could have bought a moving woody wagon like this at Trudich's junk yard in Owl Creek in 1962 for $75

A mint condition Morgan 3 wheeler. Last year they started making them again. They cnaget around safety standard as a 3 wheel scooter.

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