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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Friend Jim Walton From Alaska Is Coming To Town - In His Plane

You may remember Jim Walton. I met him thru my friend George Dawson. Jim lives in Anchorage and in 2004 I spent a week at his home - touring Alaska. He took me on the ride of a lifetime in his plane over the glaciers. 

Jim bought a new plane here in Florida. He has been here for a month learning to fly it. It lands on land and sea. It goes 92 MPH. It is in the Sportsman Class - which means you can fly it with a regular car drivers license. 

The big news is that Jim is flying it here from South Florida next week. He will stay with us. He plans to get home in Alaska in August after flying it around for his friends to see. 

Keep an eye on my page for pictures - etc.

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