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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Friend Jim - Age 81 - Is Flying From Florida to Alaska - He Will Be Here Tomorrow

I have a human interest story brewing - it is happening tomorrow. 

I have an 81 year old friend who lives in Alaska. He has been flying for 50 years. Last year the government pulled his medical certificate which means he can no longer fly as a licensed pilot. 

His solution was simple. He ordered a brand new Searey Sportsman plane. 

They are built in Tavares FL. You can fly them with a regular drivers license. 

My friend has been in Southern Florida practicing landing and taking off on water and land. 

Tomorrow he is making the Tavares to Tallahassee leg of his trip home to Alaska. The plane flies about 90 miles an hour. It has a range of maybe 350 miles.

He is going to be staying at my house tomorrow night. I will meet him at the airport and take him back the next day. They will fly to New Orleans then. He has either his grandson or great grandson with him.

I love airplanes. But there are so many neat turns to this story. 

Imagine flying a plane like that to Alaska ---- at 81 ---- as its first voyage ---- with the grandson or great grandson ---- after losing his license. 

I have flown with him in the past - he is a great pilot. 


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