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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jim Walton And Elijah Arrive In Tallahassee On the Way To Alaska

It took two hours to cover the 190 miles from Tavares to Tallahassee. 

Jim Walton lives in Anchorage Alaska. He recently bought a plane in Tavares Florida - and now along with his great grandson Elijah - they are on the way home. Jim is 84 years old.

They landed here at Tallahassee at 2:45 PM. It was interesting watching the jets wait in line until Jim's cute little SeaRey (pronounced Sea Ray) gracefully landed

The plant weighs 1400 pounds including people - cargo - and fuel. The plane itself weighs 1000 pounds. So two 200 pound people fill it up. 

The plane carries 25 gallons and could go almost 400 miles but at 90 miles and hour - Jim says it is just too far for him. There is no auto pilot - you are constantly handling the control stick. They flew 190 miles today and on Friday they will fly the 360 miles to New Orleans Friday. Tomorrow they will rest here. 

Jim and Elijah landed at Tallahassee Airport today under beautiful skies. The general aviation terminal is managed by Million Air. The terminal is very nice - everything is so quick. 

That is Elijah - Jim's co-pilot great grandson.

The SeaRey has a pusher prop engine.

That's Jim getting out of the tight cockpit.

That is my neighbor Jack. He is 95. He saw the story about Jim and th emplane on my blog. So he and his daughter Marge came to the airport to meet Jim. For years Jack flew aorudn the country in a little plane. 

Jim likes to land on the water. At New Orleans they will land on Lake Pontchartrain and stay for the weekend. Jim lived there for 2 years a long time ago.

Jim Walton loved the welcome provided by Jack and Marge.

Jim and Elijah liked visiting Dale Mabry Field. During WWII pilot trained as this great Tallahassee Air Base. The Tuskegee Airmen came here for advanced training. 

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