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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy 43rd Anniversary From The Paris Hotel in Las Vegas

From the 30th floor of the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. That is the airport in the back ground

The large flat building is our casino. We do not have a car - we will walk and take taxis most of the time.

It is 6AM Las Vegas time - and we are all excited about our anniversary. 

Lulu and I eloped from Tamaqua PA back in June of 1971. We had a brand new Chevy Vega panel truck hidden and ready to drive to Las Vegas. We got to Cincinnati OH and Lulu was terribly car sick. Traveling without glasses can do that to you. So we return to Maryland - got married in Finksburg - then started our trek to Miami for a month long honeymoon on South Beach. At that time Miami Beach was just a runner down retirement community. We were able to rent a motel right on the sand for $8 a night. In July - we returned to Tamaqua - got an apartment downtown - and continued our school lives. 

We have put a lot of miles on our odometers since then. 

The Paris Hotel is gigantic. We are on the 30th floor facing the airport.  The American Library Association will be here this Friday. Until then - Lulu and I have some time to enjoy together. 

Dickie and Jan Davis are flying here from Phoenix this morning. It will be fun spending some time with them. 

A main attraction for me is the Shelby America Factory and Museum. The have resumed building that fabulous sports car here - it is walking distance from our hotel.

No one likes to hear other people's travels troubles. Ours was simple. We were delayed out of Tallahassee by rain. We missed our regular flight to Las Vegas. They then gave us tickets to go a long way through Phoenix. Lulu went to the desk and insisted we be placed on standby for the 8 PM straight flight to Vegas - and they complied. At takeoff time there were a few extra seats - and we go on. Luckily we got the exit row - which give you lots of leg room. We got here around 9 PM Vegas time - midnight back home. We were tired - but enjoyed settling in our room. 

Next - we exchange our anniversary presents. 

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